1. reneebility asked: S.. Senpai.


  2. scribblin

  3. 20 mins worth of face paints

    when can i get good please make it soon please


  4. I’m working all Easter weekend so I don’t have much time for art so let’s talk, tumblr guys. Let us communicate.

    Ask me anything, I’ll reply to everyone who comments in the next 60 minutes?


  5. seven straight hours of literal nightmares about not being able to colour or paint jfc what is wrong with my brainsac

  6. sketchbook_p_236

  7. more shevlino studies. 60 mins and 100 mins


  8. all th girls dont tell me no they tell me yea yea

  9. David Shevlino study
    <45 minutes


  10. every time I draw with anything but monochrome lines I just lose my shit and have no idea what to do. For real I actually cannot apply colour to my drawings without turning them to total shit. What exercises should I be doing? My photo studies always suck so idk what is good to do to get good.

  11. so i figured id do something different and sketch some floating heads


  12. art is ruining my life