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  3. Work soon, talk to me tumblr!

    How are your artistic journeys going guys? Any breakthroughs lately?

  4. i dont even know anymore

  5. just a quick 15min speedpaint b/cos ive been a lazy ass ShItBoii this week


  6. feeback time:

    What DON’T you like about my art?

  7. some quickie eyton style thumbssss

  8. rrrrr tried to clean this up a little bit but i got bored real fast I have the attention span of an insect

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  10. just fuckin arounddddd


  11. Probably not a very good one tbh. But I think I’ve been making a lot of progress lately so perhaps it’s finally paying off.

    Basically I’m just constantly identifying what I suck at and categorising things from there - things I suck at but want to get better at, things I suck at but don’t really need right now, and then everything else. Whenever I sit down and start drawing I spend a few hours working on “things I suck at but want to get better at”, which is typically the same pool of things (portraits, anatomy, gesture etc), and then I sort of test myself by trying to immediately apply what I’ve learned to a finished piece. This is my general workflow for practicing always, though like I said it’s probably not the greatest since I rarely actually get any quality finished pieces out of those applications I force myself to do, but whatever, I’m learning, and every failure helps me add to my things-i-suck-at-to-do-list.

    Less ambiguously, though, I pretty much aim to draw for atleast 4 hours a day. Most of that is just classic exercise stuff I mentioned earlier, just doing gestures, anatomy stuff etc.

    Lately I’ve changed a lot of things about my approach to learning in an attempt to get more ‘serious’ and I’m splitting my time pretty evenly between line/technical drawing and painting, the latter of which I try to split evenly into equal parts monochrome/full colour. I’m really enjoying it and I think it’s a great foundation for aspiring illustrators who, like myself, have spent way too long drawing with lines.

    One extra thing I’ll mention is I’m honestly trying to move away from doing regular photo studies, I know they’re a valuable tool but I think the developing digital artist community in general drastically overestimates their value. I only use pure photo studies now to test my brush economy and painting confidence to see where I’m at.


  12. somethingthatrhymeswithmaddie said: Hi, I'm Maddie! I just started following you yesterday, and saw you're doing a q/a and figured since I don't know much about you I'd ask something. How was your day, any fun stories?

    Hey thanks so much for the follow, I appreciate each and every one I get! My art journey is my important endeavour and being able to share it with people rules.

    I actually had the laziest week ever, my exam results came back  and I got high distinctions across the board so I’m kinda celebrating by just sleeping eating drawing and watching cartoons all week. I ate three croissants for breakfast and I plan on eating more soon. Stay tuned.