1. semester + exams are over

    I’m back yo


  2. minipete said: Thank ÿøu |: ^ )

    you’re welcome
    ( ̄ー ̄)


  3. whenever i’m stressin and life be rough i just think about the denpagumi girls and how one day when i’m bigtime i’ll be directing one of their film clips like it wasn’t a big deal and they’ll all be teasing me about which one of them is my true waifu and i’ll just brush it off and be like nah take it easy girls like it wasn’t a big deal

    i think about this and can feel the dopamine begin to flow in real time and then i’m okay life for a while

    god bless, denpagumi.


  4. lol 500 followers

    I’m bigtime now.

    Should I do something to celebrate?

  5. me n my bae


  6. inbox me your kink, I wanna know how cooked out my followers are

  7. lmao took me 5 hours to render a plastic toy study

    I have a bright future


  8. My dream is to be popular enough for people to watch me livestream my draws

    btw I fixed my monitor by seriously just straight up punching it. Not even joking. Digital forever traditional never.


  9. What do I draw??????????????????

  10. mm

  11. sketchbook_p_285


  12. I’m textposting loads now but whatever I know you all read them, I know that because I operate on some higher plane and you’re all really interested in that it’s okay.
    I just wanted to share something about employment. I’m very close to 24 years old, I’ve been employed continuously bar one 6 month period since I was 13. I’m not sure how normal that is but where I live I grew up thinking it was standard; if not for the fact that most of the time I held 2-3 jobs at once I would’ve thought I was a portrait of the average young man. Working so much wrecked me, I blew it big time in 08, between working loads, a bad breakup and training entirely too much for rowing I graduated with few options. I couldn’t afford to succeed at university, I completely wasted my first 3 years of university trying to lie my way through classes I couldn’t afford to buy textbooks for. I thought this was the standard struggle. The university excluded me after I failed to pay several student services fees and looked at all the classes I’d made a mess of through lack of owning any of the course materials. I thought this was the standard struggle, I thought everyone went through this.
    Only recently though have I realised, nobody I know works. I can count on one hand the local acquaintances I maintain that have even been employed at all in the last 2 years. All of these people make more on welfare than I do at my job.
    That’s another issue though.
    What I wanted to get to here is the fact that I’ve been doing the same job for 10 years. A fucking decade. For real. I only just worked it out recently and it’s some real shit. Not at the same place, I’ve worked in dozens of places but always the same job. I wash dishes for a living. I’ve been washing grubby old dishes and mopping up kitchen floors and slicing vegetables and buttering bread for a decade. I’ve been doing the job you give to 13 year old kids students and 17 year old dropouts for a decade. It is laborious and uncomfortable, I reek constantly. I’m sopping wet with dirty water and oily goo for several hours daily, that’s what my job entails. I rarely complain about it but damn have I been going through a high level reality check lately. 10 years. I’m a pretty smart guy, I’ve never been bad at anything my whole life, and this is the best I can get. I apply for hundreds of new jobs annually and have never in my life so much as heard back from any of them, nobody wants someone with 10 years of dishwasing experience.
    I’m not sure what the significance of this post is beyond that I just want to share this so that one day if and when I do actually succeed you’ll know I earned it. Also as a reminder that I earn $15 more than what my rent costs every week. Don’t feel sorry for me, just admire me when I succeed. Thanks in advance.

  13. 東京に戻りたい


  14. I’m feelin it.

  15. すみだ水族館